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The Belleek pottery was established by John Caldwell Bloomfield and his partners an architect Robert Williams Armstrong and a merchant David McBirney. In the Castlecaldwell estate belonging to Bloomfield were found deposits necessary to run the pottery business. The Irish village of Belleek was chosen as a location for the pottery. The foundation stone was laid in 1858.

Bloomfield hired 14 craftsmen from Stoke-on-Trent. The pottery in the beggining produced domestic wares as mortars, washstands and floor tiles. In 1863 the factory started to produce Parian, a bisquit porcelain imitating marble. But until 1920 earthenware was the principal product.

The factory provided for domestic Irish and English markets but also exported its products to the United States, Canada and Australia. Bloomfield's business partners died in early 1880s. The company gained new local investors and in 1884 started as a new venture the Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd.

The WWI was a difficult period for the company. In 1920 it was acquired by Bernard O’Rourke. Another period of struggle came during the WWII.

After the war, the factory was modernized and concentarted on producing Parian. In the late 1970s changing customer's tastes made running the business more difficult. In 1980s the Belleek Pottery Limited was sold a few times. 

In 1989 was opened the Belleek Visitors Centre and just one year later it was acquired by Erne Heritage Investments. In 1993 the company took over Galway Irish Crystal and in 1997 Aynsley China. In 2000 the group was enlarged by Donegal China.


Fermanagh mark
1993 - 1997 Belleek Co. Fermanagh Ireland mark
Belleek mark
Belleek Co Fermanagh Ireland 1926 - 1946 mark
1857 mark
Belleek est. 1857 Ireland 2001 - 2007 mark
Millennium mark
Millennium 2000 Belleek est. 1857 Ireland mark used in 2000
First Belleek mark
1863 - 1891 Belleek mark
Green Belleek mark
Green Belleek Ireland 1965 - 1980 mark
Brown Belleek mark
1980 - 1993 brown Belleek mark
Green Belleek mark
Green Belleek Ireland 1955 - 1965 mark
Black Belleek mark
Belleek Co Fermanagh Ireland 1891 - 1926 mark
Belleek.com mark
Belleek Ireland est. 1857 www.belleek.com 2014 - 2018 mark
Belleek Everyday mark
Belleek Ireland EST 1857 mark used 2008 - 2010
Green Belleek mark
1946 - 1955 green Belleek mark
Belleek Living mark
Belleek Living est. 1857 www.belleek.com 2011 - 2013 mark
Belleek.ie mark
Belleek Ireland Est. 1857 www.belleek.ie mark used 2011 - 2013
Christmas mark
The Wren in the Firs Christmas 1977 Limited Edition mark used in 1977
Annual mark
1999 Annual Piece Belleek Est. 1857 Limited Edition McBirney Centrepiece mark
150 years mark
Celebrating 150 years Belleek Ireland 1857 - 2007 mark used in 2007
Contemporary Belleek mark
Belleek Est. 1857 Made in Ireland mark used from 2019
Belleek Retrospect mark
Belleek in Retrospect 2002 mark
Blue Ireland mark
Blue Belleek Ireland 1997 - 2000 mark
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